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Speaker selection committees face three unique challenges. Here’s how we solve them.

Seven Lessons

If you wonder,

1. Why would a DBA/sys admin become certified in accounting (CPA), supply chain planning (SCP), project management (PMP), and distance running?
2. Why should your technical staff and project managers learn soft skills, such as selling?
3. What's the relationship between Types T and t (thrill seekers), project managers, and mental marathoners?

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Hall of Fame Award

Anthony Reed at 2017 distance running hall of fame induction ceremony.



Anthony Reed interviewed by CNN in Washington, DC.

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DMNW Article 20150614

CBS Interview2

If the future will be anything like the past, then we’re in trouble

  •  "PMI’s Pulse of the Profession" found that 44% of strategic initiatives are unsuccessful.
  • "Standish Chaos Reports" showed that about 68% of projects were unsuccessful in 2016.

regardless of the methodology used for the project


Method One


Time Box





Mythical MethodologyConsistent project success remains elusive.  Success means the project was at or under budget, implemented on time or ahead of schedule, and the final product met or exceeded the requirements. We’ll demonstrate proven, low cost techniques, which will

  • enhance any methodology and make it much more successful,
  • work for matrix, in house, on shore, and off shore teams,
  • motivate individuals to move out of their comfort zones and become more productive, and
  • build strong, tightly knit project teams.

For example, a 27-month project was implemented in nine months and a $12 million, international project was completed for “only” $2.6 million.

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Anthony delivers a keynote speech at the 11th Annual Supply Chain & Logistics Summit - North America

Anthony's being interviewed by NBC in Richmond, VA.

"Strongly Agree" survey scores were almost twice the average.

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We show you how to lead, retain, and motivate your staff.

Anthony has over 25 years of management and executive experience and has run over 200 races, including 129 marathons (26.2-mile/42.2K). He's one of about 40 people in the world, who has completed the marathon "hat trick."

  1. Ran marathons on all seven continents, including Antarctica (2007).
  2. Finished over 100 marathons (2009).
  3. Completed marathons in each of the 50 States (2013).

He's even a Certified Running Coach. He fused these experiences to implement a twenty-seven month project in nine months and a $12 million project for $2.6 million. He shows you how to push through the wall and expand your comfort zone. His articles have appeared in publications ranging from Computer World to Runner's World.

To help get your team moving in the right direction, check out Project Kickoff Program: The Marathon Team Workshop. This is the perfect way to kickoff your project or to re-energize your team on a long term project. Click on the bar below to get to the starting line.

Team Building WorkshopAnthony accepts the fifth place, overall award at Tanzania's 2015 Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon.

Mt. Kilimanjaro Award

His executive and marathon experiences are in his latest book, Running to Leadership: What Finishing 100+ Marathons On All Seven Continents Teaches Us About Success.

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