Finding the I in TEAM (Paperback)

Finding the I in Team: Better Team Building Through Individual Building (Paperback)

Companies seeking to improve productivity usually divide its resources between focusing on building teams or individuals. How effective are team-building events in the long run? Sometimes, they're like drinking some high-power energy drinks. You feel great for a short time followed by a hard crash. Unfortunately,  the problem, which occurred prior to the team-building event, resurfaces.
The same individuals continue to make the same mistakes. This is compounded further by a lack of trust and understanding between the members. These Individuals are the "I's" in TEAM. History tells us that the "I's" (Individuals) in TEAM cause project teams to fail. Furthermore, when the project team fails, the team is rarely fired. One or more Individuals are fired. This is verified easily by reading your newspaper's sports page at the end of a professional or collegiate athletic season. The losing coaches are usually fired before any players are traded or have their contracts terminated.
 Strong teams are characterized best by the other catch phrase, "You're only as strong as your weakest link." In that light, it's more important to focus on the "I's" in TEAM for projects to be successful. Looking at TEAM from a different perspective reveals that there are four "I's" hidden in the word. There are four vertical, straight lines (or I's) used to build the letters T, E, and M. (You'll see later where each "I" represents an important component to building stronger individuals.)
Without the I's (or Individuals), there's no TEAM. Thus, to have a successful project TEAM, you must focus more on building strong individuals rather than building a team with one or more weak links. As a project manager, your role is to build strong individuals and facilitate trust between those individuals in order to implement successful projects. This book shows you how to build better teams by building better individuals.
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