The Achievement Equation (Paperback)

The Achievement Equation: Your Formula for Success (Paperback)

How does an overweight, non-athletic kid, who was later kicked out of college, go on to run over 120 marathons on all seven continents and earn two undergraduate and two graduate degrees? This book gives you the skills to achieve difficult personal and professional projects and goals. It doesn't matter whether it's to obtain a professional certification or implement a global system.

The same techniques were used to successfully implement multi-million dollar, international projects and to conquer the exotic Great Wall of China and the brutally cold Antarctica 26.2-mile marathons. The projects were on time, within budget, and to specifications. The skills and agility used to navigate through the rocky, slippery, and uneven Great Wall's 3,600 steps were applied to managing the 3,600 tasks of a project plan. Likewise, the same preparation for addressing the unpredictable, sub-freezing Antarctica weather was applied to managing the "known unknowns" and "unknown unknowns" during major projects.

You'll learn how to manage (and even reduce) the stress of managing projects, while getting more from your staff and preventing employee turnover. You'll learn how to

  • Establish achievable goals.
  • Motivate yourself and your team members.
  • Manage fear and move outside of the comfort zone.
  • Embrace and manage risk.
  • Gain support for your plan.
  • Address unplanned events (the "known unknowns" and "unknown unknowns").
  • Manage the negative, victim mentality.
  • Better execute your plan.

Mr. Reed's accomplishments have been the subject of many newspaper, business, and athletic publications and websites, including the Journal of Accountancy, Runner's World, and Inside Texas Running. He's also written articles for ComputerWorld and Runner's World.

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