Press Kit

Brief Biography

Anthony Reed, CPA, PMP is a business professional with over 30 years of experience. This includes 25 years in project management and executive positions for companies, such as Texas Instruments, Motel 6, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. He’s been featured in the business, IT, travel, and sports sections of major newspapers and publications across the country. This includes the PMI Today, Dallas Morning News, Runner’s World, Southern Living, Ebony, and the Journal of Accountancy.

He holds two graduate degrees (management and accounting) and two undergraduate degrees (management and mathematics). He’s also taught collegiate project management, information technology, accounting, and business management courses. He’s also a certified Supply Chain Manager.

He served on the Board of Directors for the Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG), the Dallas White Rock Marathon, software firms, and various local and international not-for-profit organizations.

He’s led multi-million dollar, international projects for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies. He has spoken at national and international project management, accounting, IT, and software quality assurance conferences. He has five books and over fifty articles published. The articles have appeared in ComputerWorld, Datamation, Career Focus, and Runner’s World magazines. His latest 208-page book is Running to Leadership: What Finishing 100+ Marathons On All Seven Continents Teaches Us About Success (second edition, November 2014).

This certified running coach is one of about sixty people in the world, who completed the marathon “hat trick.” He finished over (1) 100 marathons on (2) all seven continents, including Antarctica, and (3) in all 50 States. This included the frigid Antarctica, Kenya’s dangerous Lewa SafriCom, and China’s Great Wall Marathons. Fewer than 225 people in the world had accomplished the seven continents feat. Subsequently, his journeys were chronicled in his book, Running Shoes Are Cheaper Than Insulin: Marathon Adventures On All Seven Continents.