Corporate Engagements

Anthony Reed is an endurance enthusiast and business executive. He’s has run over 120 marathons, including some of the world’s toughest marathons. His teams implemented an international $12 million project for ONLY $2.6 million and a 27-month project in nine months. Now, he’s helping corporations to run their own marathon courses.

Anthony understands marathons. He’s a certified running coach and has run over 200 races, including over 125 marathons over 30 years. And he made world history as one of 225 people in the world to complete them on all seven continents, including on the Great Wall of China and in Antarctica. (The clothes and artifacts from the seventh continent are with the Smithsonian Institute.) He’s also completed a 100-mile bike race and is a triathlete. He understands the importance of enduring while facing uncontrollable obstacles, such as Antarctica’s weather, and dealing with predators.

Cheetah on Kenyan Marathon Course

Anthony understands competition. He’s won age group and weight division trophies in races ranging from 5K to marathons and in duathons (bike/run races). He's climbed the coporate ladder and understands what characteristics it takes to get ahead.

Anthony understands management. As an executive and manager, he led and motivated employees for over 30 years. He encouraged them to adapt and to embrace change, while expanding their comfort zone. He showed them how to “break through the wall” of self doubt and extend their mental and physical capabilities.

Anthony understands change and flexibility. He started out as a mathematician/computer professional. Over the years, he earned a MBA in management to better lead his teams. He became a CPA to better understand the financial and business flows in corporations. He earned his supply chain management certification to better understand the material flows throughout the manufacturing process. And he earned his project management certification. He challenged his staff to move outside of their comfort zones and embrace the very things that they feared. His favorite quote is, "When you're through learning, you're through."

Anthony understands what it takes to be successful. He’s weather all types of business, personal, and athletic challenges. He’s dealt with the “unknown unknowns” and managed to thrive, not just survive, in life and the corporate business world.

Anthony combines his real-life business acumen and his consistent spirit of adventure to show his audiences how to thrive in their organizations through courage, leadership, calculated risk taking, relationship building, and personal accountability.

Anthony’s dynamic presentation will encourage and inspire you to discover and embrace opportunities and push through the wall of self doubt. You’ll cross the finish line with pride.