Risk Management Keynote

Risk Management Lessons From Some of the World’s Toughest Marathon Keynote

Reed manages the risks of business and sport with determination and a commitment to life long learning…Risk management is a concept Reed applies to very different areas of his life. He said the process is similar for a marathoner and businessperson.”  – University of Texas at Dallas’ Mercury.

Many people are familiar with Type A/B personalities. However, very few people are familiar with Type T personality dimension. This scale helps to determine an individual's level of thrill seeking (or risk taking). Type t's shun risks, while Type T's are risk takers.

Project managers and marathoners are thrill seekers. Project managers are mental thrill seekers and marathoners are physical thrill seekers. They're both excited and stimulated at the thought of pursuing long term,  challenging goals.

This speech explores how to become better thrill seekers through taking calculated risks. Anthony explains how his team successfully completed a $12 million international project for ONLY $2.6 million through calculated risk taking while moving people out of their comfort zones. He applied the same risk taking techniques from running over 120 marathons, including on the Great Wall, in Antarctica, and through a Kenyan game reserve, to develop a risk taking staff.  He's also completed marathons in each of the 50 States.

Running the Antarctica Marathon

The cornstone of this speech is based on his latest book, Running to Leadership: What Finishing 100+ Marathons On All Seven Continents Teaches Us About Success. Click on the book cover to view the table of contents.

Running to Leadership