Selling PM Concepts to Executives Keynote

Selling Project Management Concepts to Executive Stakeholders

During one of our Managing Difficult Projects, a new project manager asked, “Why do we have to teach and sell project management to the stakeholders? I thought that they already knew about project management. After all, they’re executives.” The stakeholders, in this case, are the internal and external decision makers; managers, executives, vendors, and customers. These entities control the project resources (i.e. money, people, and materials), project scope, and the project’s duration or implementation date. The answer to her question was in two different surveys.

A survey of stakeholders reported that approximately, two-thirds of IT projects were unsuccessful and they didn’t see things getting any better.

In another survey about why projects were “impaired or ultimately cancelled”, 55% of the reasons were directly related to the stakeholders’ involvement and support.

These two different surveys illustrate three common problems. First, stakeholders don’t really understand project management or their roles in projects. Second, stakeholders don’t have the time to attend a one-week class in project management. Lastly, project managers need to proactively sell the stakeholders on project management’s benefits and to stress the stakeholders’ roles in projects.

This keynote gives you the tools to make your projects successful by selling project management concepts to stakeholders.

You’ll learn how to

  • Manage perceptions
  • Manage stakeholder expectations
  • Improve your negotiation skills
  • Better communicate with executives
  • Deal with narcissists.