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Reed CPA Education Panel AIf you’re looking for

  • an educators’ in service day speaker or workshop leader or
  • a speaker for your students

then look no further.

How does a non-athletic, pot-bellied boy, who lived in the St. Louis’ inner city and was kicked out of college, grow up to

  • Earn two undergraduate (mathematics and management)
  • Earn two graduate degrees (MBA in management and MS in accounting)
  • Has professional certifications in systems analysis, accounting, project management, supply chain planning, and distance running coaching
  • Become an international business executive
  • Author five books and over fifty articles on topics ranging from technology and management to running and career planning
  • Run his way into world history in route to finishing 127 marathons (26.2 miles/42.2K) on all seven continents, including Antarctica, and fifty States?
Running the Antarctica Marathon

Running the Antarctica Marathon

The answer is “The Achievement Equation.” Anthony Reed has grit. He's been motivating business professionals, educators, and elementary, middle school, high school, alternative high school, at-risk, and college students for over thirty years. He shares his real-life personal, academic, professional, and athletic experiences to inspire the audiences. His personal failings were the stepping stones to his success. Teachers and students must become highly self-motivated to overcome their fears in order to excel. The best laid out lesson plan will fail, if the people lack motivation.

Reed CPA Education Panel B

Successful runners must overcome their mental and physical fears, as well as  self-doubt to finish marathons. Sometimes, they must face “The Wall” during the race. Runners hit “The Wall” between 18 to 20 miles of a 26.2-mile marathon. This is when their muscles run out of glycogen. Glycogen fuels for the muscles. After The Wall, the body begs the mind to stop. However, the mind yells at the muscles to keep moving.

Reed CPA Education Panel C

Successful marathoners must also deal with The Wall in uncontrollable and unpredictable environments, such as heat, cold, rain, snow, steep hills, and high altitudes. They must mentally overcome all of these obstacles to be successful. They must learn to extend and push through their mental and physical comfort zones. This may mean moving outside of the box. Educators and students must learn these techniques to be successful.

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Anthony shares the lessons learned and his international travel experiences from his books, Running to Leadership: What Finishing 100+ Marathons On All Seven Continents Teaches Us About Success and Running Shoes Are Cheaper Than Insulin: Marathon Adventures On All Seven Continents.

Also, everyone is amazed at the photos and videos from his adventures. For example, the Kenyan marathon was delayed by 15 minutes because a lion was on the marathon course. And the day before the race, he spotted cheetahs on the course. Also, he incorporates a rare, jaw-dropping video from the Antarctica Marathon.

Cheetah on Kenyan Marathon Course

Cheetah on Kenyan Marathon Course

Antarctica - Whale Tail Waterfall

Antarctica - Whale Tail Waterfall