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Anthony Reed was having lunch with a former staff member, Chris. Chris confided in Anthony, "I don't understand what's happening. I'm not satisfied with my job any more. I'm performing the same work that I was doing when you were over the division. However, it's just not fun or fulfilling. What were you doing to make us feel differently?"

Anthony explained that he had managed the division and lead the employees by using the same techniques that he used to run marathons and to coach other successful runners. People became highly motivated, embraced (calculated) risks, moved outside of their comfort zones, and achieved corporate and personal goals. The employees had become mental marathoners. Strong individuals make strong teams. (You're only as strong as the wekest link.)

Anthony had been successfully employing marathon coaching techniques for over 25 years in corporate America and in governmental entities. Years later, researchers discovered a direct link between successful managers and marathoners. They are both thrill seekers; Type T personalities. As a 131-time, history-making marathoner and a 25-year business executive, Anthony is comfortable about sharing his real-world, insightful, and entertaining challenges and solutions with your audience. His customizable topics include

  • Leadership - Leading Through Difficult Times; Seven Leadership Lessons From Running Marathons on Seven Continents
  • Building Mental Toughness - How to Become a Mental Marathoner; Finding the I in Team
  • Change & Risk Management - There's No Fun in the Comfort Zone; Embracing Risk & Change Like a Marathoner
  • Selling Project Management - Change Your Mind to Change Their Mind; PM PR (Project Management Public Relations)
  • Goal Setting & Productivity - Your Race, Your Pace
  • Work-Life Balance - It's All About You; If You Can't Control It, Don't Worry About It


Hiring the right speaker for your event is a very important decision. Anthony Reed has worked with clients delivering custom keynotes and leadership programs. Attendee comments include

  • "Instructor gave real world examples and possible solutions. I’m taking back solutions I can use right away."
  • "Held my attention for seven hours. Good job! Great humor."
  • "Liked ideas on how to educate executives and project team members about project management. Very innovative."
  • "Very useful material presented in an organized manner."
  • "Very relevant. Good with real-world solutions."
  • "Extensive subject matter was very beneficial. Great presentation materials to drive home topics."
  • "Anthony is obviously very experienced and provided many excellent examples for the points the seminar makes."
  • "The topics were mostly relevant to the work I do today. I liked the ideas to keep the constraints balanced and how to get to know the team and get everyone engaged."

He is the ultimate choice for audiences in all industries. His work focuses on developing ordinary individuals into extraordinary individual contributors, team members, and leaders. Here are a few reasons why Anthony has become a favorite among meeting and event planners.


Anthony instantly connects with attendees. Audiences consistently rate Anthony as the “highlight” of the event. Everyone can relate to running a race. He quickly relates management and leadership to endurance sports. He shows the audience how to become mental marathoners.

For the keynote speech or seminar, that everyone will be talking about long after your event is over, book Anthony.

There’s nothing more powerful than real-life, engaging stories that relates to business and sports. 
Anthony is a powerful story-teller. His keynotes and workshops are full of real life stories with powerful insights that then lead to powerful tools and actionable takeaways. For example, he manages business risks (and stress) the same way he managed cheetahs on the marathon course.
3. Customized Content with Actionable Takeaways
Anthony focuses on the soft skills that fix the hard problems. This includes leadership, risk management, change management, motivation, negotiaions, and coaching. A runner has no control over a challenging marathon course. They can only control their approach to the hills that lie ahead.
Anthony takes the time to interview key stakeholders and team members, reviewing materials, and weaving in relevant themes and areas of focus based on interviews, materials and your specific requests.
Anthony brings experiences from being employed at Fortune 100 companies, governemtal agencies (federal, county, and city), quasigovernment agencies, and consulting firms. He's also the CEO and founder of an international firm.
Anthony relates to everyone. He has finished first and dead last in races. He's dealt with a wide variety of marathon day weather from sub-zero temps in Antarctica to over 100 degree temps in Texas. He's even dealt with bicycle derailier cables snapping in a biathlon and being chased by seals during a marathon. He knows how to manage stress and take risks to win.
Anthony is the first Black in the world to complete marathons on all seven continents. He's also one of about fifty people in the world who completed the marathon "hat trick." This consists of finishing (1) at least one-hundred marathons (2) in all fifty States and (3) seven continents. For these and other acccomplishments, he was inducted into a national hall of fame.
He was also wrote an article about his experiences in the finish line area during the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.